You might see people online in Indiana asking whether or not they should purchase their HVAC parts or just have the contractor purchase them. As a professional HVAC company in Indianapolis with years of experience, we thought we would chime in. 

In a word… CONTRACTOR! 

You might think, “Of course that’s your answer, you’re the contractor.” While that might seem like the case, let us explain why this is so important. 

Let’s Talk Warranty

In Indianapolis, we have several brands of HVAC units to service and install. Goodman, Amana, Daikin, Trane, American Standard, Heil, ICP, Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Lennox, Aire Flo, and many others. If you purchase your parts outside of a contractor, chances are (like nearly 100% of the time) your parts will not have a warranty. While this might not sound like a big deal… and you’re thinking you’ll just keep purchasing the parts on your own, you will inevitably spend more money than you need to on your repairs. Why is this? We know where are our parts are coming from and have ideal resources to ensure your parts last as long as they are meant to. 

All Pro Heating and Air have spent years building quality relationships with manufacturing partners so we can offer our clients the best quality parts on the market. Here are some additional reasons why buying your own parts is problematic. 

  • Contractors cannot warranty their labor if they are using “your” parts since they can’t be sure where your parts came from. Similarly, there is a question around quality control. 
  • Universal parts don’t always work despite what online opinions and Google might suggest. These parts can actually do more harm than good.
  • Universal parts or aftermarket parts can damage your HVAC Unit causing elements like your heat pump or furnace to short out. One faulty part can take out a unit which means you’ll be paying for replacement instead of repair. 

Play The Long Game in Repairs

It is true, buying parts from us or your contractor will cost you more upfront. This doesn’t mean your Indianapolis HVAC company is trying to take advantage of you. In fact, if they are anything like us, we are trying to protect you from more costly repairs or replacement. 

It’s smart to play the long game for HVAC repair in Indianapolis. You will end up having your unit longer, get quality parts, and be qualified for warranties on parts and labor. On the other side of this, your HVAC unit will be repaired faster not leaving you in the elements for too long. Let our partnerships help you solve your repair issues. If we can help with any other questions on this topic, don’t be afraid to connect with us anytime. 


It looks like it costs more on the front end, but in the long term it is cheaper and you get peace of mind. An HVAC contractor supplying the part ensures that the part warranty will be honored, easier part exchange to get a replacement (resulting in less downtime on your unit not working) and hassle of locating the right part. We have accounts with multiple suppliers to get the right part for units, not one supplier can supply everything. As HVAC experts, we know when to choose OEM, or when to use universal parts on units to keep your warranty valid and extend the unit’s life. You are also paying for our experience of dealing with multiple brands. I don’t like the way the last sentence sounds.