The average furnace lasts about 10-15 years and can last longer if an owner commits to a regular maintenance schedule. We will let you know if you have major repairs coming up like a compressor, leaking coil or other concerns. We will explain all of your options and discuss the pros and cons of each so you have all the information you need to make the best decision possible for your unit and property.

When evaluating a furnace system, we like to help you save money by offering energy-efficient units or components that will positively impact your heating bills and help your home become more “green”. Modern systems can increase the energy efficiency from 50%-70% to up to 98% efficiency.

If your furnace is older than 15 years, we suggest scheduling a consultation about how we can make that unit run more efficiently so you don’t have to fear your heating bill anymore.

At All Pro Heating & Air, our heating services include:

Heating repairs on gas, electric or VRF systems
Furnace, heat pump and mini-split replacements
Rooftop service & replacement
Seasonal maintenance for gas, electric, VRF and mini-splits
Heating financing, commercial or residential
Energy-saving programmable thermostats
HEPA 99.98% air purifiers & media filters
Humidifiers & dehumidifiers
And more!