While many tend to think of their HVAC systems as either Summer or Winter home items, we work around the calendar to ensure your home is cozy and comfortable. This means we can place you on a maintenance schedule so you can book it and forget it. Not only is this the best way to ensure the longevity of your system, but we also alert you to your HVAC schedule so you’re not constantly tracking your system and playing catch up, or worse, dealing with a preventable issue.

Join our programs to help you save money with tons of discounts covered on parts or labor.

Here Are Some of The Reasons to Get on Our Maintenance Programs:

● Just like with a car, a cooling and heating tune-up performed seasonally can minimize costly breakdowns and help to maintain efficiency.

● Even though your home feels comfortable, it may have unidentified cooling or heating system problems that can increase your energy costs and extra wear and tear on your system and main components.

● Depending on your air conditioning equipment a tune-up may pay for itself many times over in energy savings alone by finding issues before they become more costly issues.

● Manufacturers may require regular maintenance be performed to validate your ac/furnace warranty.

● Regular tune-ups can identify and eliminate potential safety and health issues that you may not be able to detect on your own.

● New air conditioners can operate at peak efficiencies, whereas, 10-15-year-old ac units may waste 20-30% energy.

Play It Safe Agreement Benefits Include:

● 10% discount on parts and labor for additional work needed on equipment covered by your maintenance plan, including discounts on replacement systems.

● We offer custom-tailored plans to meet your specific cooling, gas furnace or heat pump.

● You receive preferential customer status for service requests for both regular and emergency situations.

● Your equipment operates more efficiently which prolongs equipment life and unnecessary breakdowns.

● Our experienced staff of NATE-certified service technicians can spot any potential problems before they start.

● We use environmentally friendly refrigerant recovery units, so harmful CFC gases aren’t released into the air.

● Our technicians discuss any problems that arise and seek your permission and consultation before proceeding to fix any issues.

● We provide seasonal e-mails with coupons and tips to help you maximize your home’s energy efficiency.


If you have any questions about All Pro Heating and Air completing the form or would like an agreement mailed to you, please call one of our customer service associates at (317) 721-1227. We’ll be happy to assist you. Viewing the agreement requires free Adobe Acrobat software. Most computers have it installed, but if yours doesn’t, you can download it here.

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