Duct Cleaning and Odor Control

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Duct Cleaning

The air ducts in homes and businesses provide crucial functions to keep the environment healthy. HVAC systems circulate air through the ducts of a building and into and out of each room within it. You can imagine that having debris, mold, or other foreign elements that make your air quality suffer but also tax your HVAC systems which could cause the lifespan of your equipment to be shorter.

The accumulation of this debris lands on the surfaces of your ductwork, creating the perfect environment for molds, bacteria, allergens, and fungi to reproduce and grow. Each time your system’s fan switches on it disrupts and dislodges those elements, sending them through the ductwork into your home or business. A standard duct cleaning can take several trash bags of debris from a normal-sized home or retail space.

For new home construction in central Indiana, homeowners and home builders should consider having ducts cleaned once new construction is complete before the residence moves in as this will eliminate the possibility of dust covering personal items and surfaces

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Ordor Control

Odor complications may create operational issues for a business or homeowner. It’s hard to concentrate and focus on the day when a lingering odor circulates in a space. At All Pro, we have various ways to handle odor control issues for our clients. Oftentimes, our multi-family properties find this service useful and we can handle the problem quickly. We can also help Indianapolis clients in the restaurant, retail, office space, storage space, daycare, school industries, and health care industries.

There are common problem areas that we have come to learn where odors emerge from. Identifying these spaces and getting to the root of the issues helps us figure out what areas to target with treatments. This includes cleaning ductwork, ionization, dryer vents, and more.

Some of the most popular odor-keepers include: 

Odor Culprits

• Kitchens + Baths

• Waiting Rooms + Seating Areas

• Front Desk + Lobbies

• Showrooms + Restrooms

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